Invented and/or abstract texture. Art project idea: draw overlapping circles and then fill with a variety of creative patterns. I like black ink, but could also be done in color.

The Anatomy Of Plants.  Nehemiah Grew. 1641-1712. #sketchbook

The anatomy of plants / Nehemiah Grew. Nehemiah Grew September 1641 – 25 March was an English plant anatomist and physiologist, very famously known as the “Father of Plant Physiology.

martin vorwerk

martin vorwerk


Lisa Le Quelenec Seaside studios paintings, prints and mixed media: Play time sketchbook pages

book pages

Walid Raad & Akram Zaatari // Mapping Sitting - Studio Soussi portrait index, (Sidon, Lebanon), 100 pages, approximately 150 portraits on each page // Collection of the Arab Image Foundation

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