Mud kitchen - Children Learn What They Live ≈≈

Mud kitchen - Children Learn What They Live. We have plenty of tree stumps to make this table and seats.

I would love to add this to our outdoor area. Its a mud kitchen. The children love to play in the mud and this is a great place for them to do so but in a more controlled setting.

Top 20 of Mud Kitchen Ideas for Kids

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Demonstrate creative expression through the visual art process (use simple art materials). Demonstrate development of fine and gross motor coordination (refine grasp to manipulate tools and objects).

Gardening Tuff Spot to compliment spring / gardening / growing topic. Let children explore planting their own seeds in this messy outdoor play tuff tray.

I’d been planning a Growing Tuff Spot activity for ages – unfortunately the weather had not been on our side but at least I’d had the opportunity to collect various garden pots

Outdoor loose parts play. Really want to do this for the kids this summer but it will drive my husband batty. Lol

Learning at full capacity A playground of loose parts Teacher Tom Inspiration for using loose materials in the outdoor area.

Keep your little ones busy. Great for warmer weather fun. Tack PVC bottles and pipes to a wooden post . Add water, get fun!

20+ Cool and Fun Water Play Ideas for Kids in Summer

Cheap trellis in the construction area from Rachel (",)

Trellis Play


Turn The Backyard Into Fun and Cool Play Space for Kids

The weather is starting to get warm and it is perfect time to stay outdoors, especially for your little rascals. As an omnipotent parent, you should do something that will allow them love outdoor time. Making a fun kid’s play area in your own backyard is

Pipe Pieces Water Wall Tuff Spot Adventures of Adam

Water Wall Tuff Spot

We have been wanting to create a water wall Tuff Spot ever since we discovered Pipe Pieces from Imagido! As we are thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather we


I love this using all our favorite locations with distance - IE = Phoenix, Arizona 1200 miles with the sign pointed in that direction - Gardening And Patio

Loved the use of a carpet roll on a cone to add height for den making.

Continuous Provision in Year One, more dens… (and the best role play shoes I have ever seen)!