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We feel angry and embarrassed when we are sucked in by someone who lies and manipulates. We resent the time, energy and love we offered them in good faith because it was all for nothing. They don& even appreciate what they took from us because it is.

And then they wonder why you don't want to be "close." Seriously?! SMH

People who leave you out or purposely make you feel left out are using a form of bullying. It is also referred to as emotional abuse by exclusion. <<isolation ad alienation is very intentional narcissist emotional abuse tactic.

My ex. All the bloody time. He would then claim I was imagining things. Convenient, huh? Silence is NOT a sign of maturity. It's a control method used to punish someone for fabricated transgressions. ‪#‎myex‬ ‪#‎ss‬ ‪#‎toxic‬ ‪#‎abusive‬

It's a prime weapon in their arsenal used for both punishment and control. Refuse to be manipulated by it and do the last thing they expect - return the FAVOR. Silence it turns out, is a blessing when dealing with a Narcissist.