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Julie Marriage

Julie Marriage
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I'm the only one in my family that likes beets

This impressive beet Wellington makes a beautiful Xmas centrepiece. It's goes really well with a simple balsamic reduction and usual trimmings.

This Greek Potato Hash works as a great side dish for BBQs - or eat it on its own - totally satisfying! Vegetarian and Gluten-Free!

Greek Potato Hash - A quick and simple dish to serve as a main course or as a side. The crispy potatoes work so well with the creamy feta and tangy lemon!

Grilled aubergine baked with tomatoes, mushrooms and lots of cheese. The perfect low-carb, vegetarian comfort food.

aubergine tomato and mushroom bake - double the herbs, sauce needs to be thick NOT watery. it will take ages to fry off the aubergines. batch as side dish in oval glass dish, full batch as main meal in big lasagna dish

How to Make a Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter

How to Make a Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter . will try horizontal, history of vertical drying out in uppermost openings vs lower openings.

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Like the look of these over typical trellis for vertical growing. perfect for small gardens where there isn't much space - grow upwards instead of out! Great for my small garden!

Love this design and the greenhouse in the back. Those English and their gardens! :)

This is a great idea for our school garden along with some raised beds with wheelchair access. I love the greenhouse in the back. I would like our greenhouse to be more to the left and then have some fruit trees to the right!