Lesley Richmond | Lace Cloth Series | Unnatural Structures (detail)

Lesley Richmond Lace Cloth Series Unnatural Structures (detail) "Some of the forms she constructs with heat-reactive base reference antique lace designs influenced by organic structures.

Colors and textures

Eucalyptus trees bark (aka Rainbow tree) in Macro - Pixdaus. I really like how this looks, as it is unusual to find a tree with 'rainbow' bark

Textures.  A dominant art expressive loves them.

Tree bark - links to growth and evolution. The detail created by pure nature is incredible, and no tree is the same.


Cliff Briggie combines water, colour and ice to create these complex abstract visuals. These abstract ice paintings are pleasing to the eye and can be used for future textile patterns.

SUNO Resort 2014 Inspiration

This picture demonstrates texture because the look makes you see the stones, creating a rough feel. The way the stones are layered show that if i were to run my hand across them they would be hard and course.