Crunchy Box: A fun activity for your toddler. Use stale food from your cupboard - crackers, croutons, etc. - and let your little one hammer them, make a sensory box and more!

Crunchy Box

An easy way to entertain a toddler. Use crunchy box to expand on sensory development and grow vocabulary. Talk about what children feel and hear as they play with the materials in the crunchy box.

Autumn Tree Threading Activity for developing fine motor skills :: Wings and Roots

Autumn Tree Fine Motor Threading

easter art with carrots

Writing, painting and printing with carrots :: Easter crafts

This wasn't for halloween, but I bet after you pull out all the tees the light show with a candle inside would be awesome!

Exploring the Outdoor Classroom: Pumpkins and Golf Tees.we did this all the time in my preschool. Great hand eye coordination and fine motor development. (autumn activities for kids preschool)

Autumn sensory small world play

Autumn Woods Sensory Small World

Create an Autumn woods sensory small world play in a drawer for hours of fall themed imaginative play and learning for kids! Great for storytelling too.