Pork fillet stroganoff

Pork fillet is a really tender cut so great for quick-cook dishes like Mary& creamy stroganoff.

Express lasagne

Mary Berry& wonderfully different take on lasagne is super quick, perfect for a midweek supper. Equipment and preparation: for this recipe you will need a shallow litre& pint ovenproof dish measuring about and deep.

Viennese whirl biscuits

Mary Berry's perfect Victoria sandwich

Mary Berry - The traditional Victoria sandwich is a baking classic and a tasty tea-time treat. We added 1 lemon zest to ours and it was done after 20 minutes

Orange butterfly cakes

These little fairy cakes are filled with orange curd and topped with icing, and are even nicer than cupcakes! - From Mary Berry Cooks

Rich beef and mushroom stew

Rich beef and mushroom stew (Mary Berry). Some unusual features: more wine or stout than beef broth, red currant jelly, porcini mushrooms.

Real proper custard

BBC Food - Recipes - Real proper custardMary Berry’s foolproof, homemade custard

Classic crème caramel

Mary Berry& simple step-by-step guide to the perfect crème caramel. Equipment and preparation: you will need 6 x size 1 pint) ramekins.