Kim Van Someren Fort 11 etching/aquatint/chine colle 9″x 12″ 2011

Kim Van Someren Fort 11 etching/aquatint/chine colle 2011 black and white stripe texture

'Copse', by Lee Newman.  Drypoint

'Copse' by Washington-based American artist & printmaker Lee Newman (b via WPG

Ross Loveday    Earth Lines

Ross Loveday Earth Lines: Limited Edition Dry Point = Carborundum Print - edition size 2010

Klea McKenna - more details about this here:     via Artpropelled

arreter: In April of 2009 a family home in rural Vermont burned to the ground. Fifteen months later I walked through the charred foundation and found a family photo album and a box of snapshots that had melted into a dark mass.

Nevermore drypoint by StorytellerF

As a tribute to The Raven and Edgar Allan Poe, here is some fan art that can serve as a visual element while reading the poem:

Protea, Katie Degroot

iamjapanese: “ Katie DeGroot(American) Protea from the series “A Tribute to Dead Flowers” 2014 intaglio x via ”