Bakery Warehouse Conversion in Melbourne by Jackson Clements Burrows

Image 2 of 26 from gallery of Golden Crust Bakery / Jackson Clements Burrows Architects. Photograph by Shannon McGrath

Shad Thames, London Docklands    Photography by Rob Telford    2012

Shad Thames, London Docklands photographed by Rob Telford. Wrought-iron bridges that once helped transport goods between inner-ring and dockside factories along the lane are now terraces for families and businesses.

Peter Behrens @ AEG Berlin Gesundbrunnen [1909 - 1913]

Peter Behrens @ AEG Berlin Gesundbrunnen - a very small part of the huge aeg complex at gesundbrunnen, berlin.

la Minoterie - Rehabilitation of an ancient mill in 44 lofts - Roubaix, France - 2008 - Tank Architects

La Minoterie, Roubaix, France (old flour mill refurbishment): TANK Architectes


Built by OSA in Liverpool, United Kingdom with date Images by Johannes Marburger. In Foundation Greenland Street invited Office for Subversive Architecture to develop the first of their annual .

Architecture - outdoors

The Neighbourhood Centre (Copenhagen, Denmark) is a former industrial building from Today it was been transformed into a modern local library and a café.