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a plant sitting on top of a floor next to a roll of twine rope
Riad Porcelain Cross Cotto Matt
<p>Replicating a traditional Moroccan design feature in a modern porcelain format, these star-and-cross pattern tiles provide a completely unique and unforgettable floor. The finish means they replicate the look of handmade tiles.<p/> <br> <br> <b>Please note</b> that to achieve the pattern, both the Star and the Cross shapes must be ordered together. There are 22.94no Stars and 22.94no Crosses required per m2 to make the pattern.
there is a blue and white striped bed in the room with two vases on it
Moroccan Blue Marine Stripes Zellige
an empty room with a chair, vase and painting hanging on the wall next to it
Milan Nouveau Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles | Mandarin Stone