picture this: stunning alpine vistas, charming villages straight out of a fairytale, and mouthwatering schnitzels galore! that's right, Austria is calling your…
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Vienna in Austria
So, like, Vienna is basically this baroque masterpiece of a city, where you could totally go for the history but stay for the schnitzel. And if you're not sipping a melange in some ancient coffee house feeling fancier than a royal, are you even doing Vienna right? Video credit: dronephotosau on Instagram
Hallstatt in Austria
Oh, Hallstatt? It's like if a postcard got a little too full of itself and turned into an actual place, where you can't swing a selfie stick without hitting a picturesque view that's just begging for a spot on your over-curated feed. You'll love it, especially if you're into towns that have more boats than parking spaces. Video credit: vetrana on Instagram