I've been doing some serious daydreaming about the next spot on my travel bucket list, and guess what? Slovenia is giving me all the wanderlust feels! from…
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Ljubljana in Slovenia
So, like, Ljubljana is basically Slovenia's pint-sized capital where you can literally cross the city without breaking a sweat – it's basically the size of a mall, but with more bridges and fewer shopping options. And if you're into staring at quaint buildings while sipping a latte by the river, congrats, you've hit the jackpot. Video credit: world_walkerz on Instagram
Bled in Slovenia
Oh, Bled? It's just like, a casual Slovenian paradise with a postcard-perfect lake plopped right in it, but you probably wouldn't be into rowing to an island church or exploring a medieval castle perched on a cliff. Yeah, totally lame if you're not into stunning views and fairy-tale vibes. Video credit: world_walkerz on Instagram
Bled, Slovenia: Tranquil Aerial Waterscape
Oh, you're gonna lose your mind in Bled, Slovenia, with its picture-perfect lake and a church chilling on an island like some sort of fairytale boss. It's like, "Congratulations, you've discovered postcard paradise; now try not to drop your phone in the lake while Instagramming." Video credit: stfno on Instagram