so, Switzerland? it's basically a dreamy wonderland nestled in the heart of Europe. from epic alpine adventures to charming Swiss villages straight out of a…
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Chur in Switzerland
Chur is like, Switzerland's version of that vintage shop you can't help but love – it's the oldest town in the country, but you probably haven't heard of it. It's got mountains, history, and charm for days, which you'll totally appreciate while sipping on a latte from a café you'll swear is your new fave. Video credit: sennarelax on Instagram
Verzasca in Switzerland
So you're thinking about Verzasca, where the water's so clear you could swear they just installed it for the 'gram. Pack your stuff, head to this Swiss gorge, and try not to drop your phone in the river taking selfies, okay? Video credit: sennarelax on Instagram
Sisikon in Switzerland
So, Sisikon is this tiny dot on the Swiss map, squeezed between mountains and Lake Uri like it just photobombed nature’s selfie. If you're looking for a place where the cows probably outnumber your last Instagram likes, congrats, you've found it. Video credit: syifa_in_switzerland on Instagram
Geneva in Switzerland
Alright, you're curious about Geneva? Picture this: a city where you can't decide if the sparkling lake or the shiny Rolex shops blind you more, but hey, at least the UN's there to keep it somewhat grounded. Video credit: mike_in_geneva on Instagram