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whether you call it the #US, #UnitedStates, or the good ol' US of A, if you're dreaming about jetting off to #America, well, you've landed in the perfect spot…
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Sperry Chalets in United States
Oh, the Sperry Chalet? It's like this rustic mountain retreat in Glacier National Park where you can soothe your tech-addicted soul, but only after you've huffed it up a gazillion miles on foot. Get ready to brag about your 'digital detox' in a place with more stars in the sky than your Instagram feed, you intrepid explorer, you. Video credit: k.marksthespot on Instagram
Philadelphia, United States: Urban Skyline at Sunset
Oh Philly, the city where you can run up the Art Museum steps feeling like Rocky, only to be more out of breath than you expected. It's where you'll find yourself debating over which greasy cheesesteak will clog your arteries faster—talk about a historical decision, right? Video credit: codycm on Instagram
New York in United States
New York, the concrete jungle where dreams are made, right? Hope you're into honking taxis, towering skyscrapers, and pizza slices bigger than your face—it's basically the VIP room for the hustle bustle fan club. Video credit: andyto on Instagram
Kona in United States
Oh, Kona - it's like, Hawaii's chill little corner where you can pretend you're super outdoorsy because you snapped a pic with a coffee plant. And like, if you're not sipping on some bougie artisanal brew staring at a volcano, are you even in Kona? Video credit: brothadude on Instagram
New York, United States: Cityscape Along the Waterfront
Oh, New York, the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of," or where you walk faster than the subway actually runs. But seriously, if you can make it here without getting lost in Times Square, you can make it anywhere, right? Video credit: newfacesny on Instagram
New York, United States: Aerial Perspective of Urban Life
Okay, so New York is basically this giant concrete jungle where dreams are made, right? And you think you'll just casually bump into celebrities at delis, but really, you're just trying not to get splashed by mystery puddle water on the sidewalks. Video credit: visit.newyork on Instagram
Philadelphia in United States
Oh, you're gonna love Philly—land of intense sports fans and a bell with a crack in it. Grab a cheesesteak, dare to jaywalk, and watch as the city of brotherly love simultaneously hugs and side-eyes you. Video credit: codycm on Instagram