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City Lux living interior style. Luxurious fabrics and interiors for a city style of living. Glamourous, fabrics with sheens, silky and shiny. Modern luxury and…
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a living room filled with furniture and a potted plant in the window sill
Stylish Boho chic fabric for any house décor scheme.
Looking to update you home with a touch of boho style? Our beautiful Marrakech fabric is the perfect choice for a boho interior and creating the bohemian house décor. Adding fabric texture to a cool room décor enhances the cosiness and style and this beautiful designer fabric can be used for a range of home renovation projects such as creating boho curtains, blinds and upholstery. Take a closer look and be inspired…
an outdoor daybed with cushions and pillows on it, in front of some bushes
Feel relaxed and at ease with your outdoor space with a minimalist garden.
Looking for garden ideas and wanting to update your patio, courtyard garden or balcony for Summer? Why not opt for a stylish, minimalist garden that lets your garden boarders and flowers be the talking point. We have a wide range of elegant neutral fabric for refreshing cushions and deckchairs, including soft geometrical patterns, watercolour flower patterns and cosy plains. Take a closer look and be inspired…
a couch with two pillows on top of it and the words neutral decor schemes above it
Refreshing Schemes For Apartment Inspiration.
Looking for apartment inspiration or simply want to update your flat décor? Our handy guide is full of apartment inspo and small apartment ideas to give you an interior design perfect for Spring. Whether you want to know how to add fabric, colour or pattern, this easy interior design guide is here to help.
a bed with blue and green upholstered headboard next to two nightstands
Dramatic Geometric Patterns For Curtains, Blinds and Cushions.
A geometric pattern is a wonderful choice for adding in interest to a modern home interior design and can even be used to make a focal point in a minimalist living room. Whether you want some pattern design inspiration or see how you can add an abstract pattern to your home décor, our collection of geometric fabric is ready to give your Spring Home Décor a fresh new look.
an upcycled diy shade is displayed on a window sill
Upcycle and Make DIY Roman Shades or Decorative Blinds.
Looking for your next sewing project? Look no further than our easy DIY guide for creating perfect blinds for windows. Ideal for scrap fabric projects, refresh your roman blinds and roller blinds in your diy home or apartment and give your rooms a new lease of life.
a couch and table with pillows on it in front of a fenced in area
Get Ready For Summer and Transform Your Garden Décor.
Summer is just around the corner, so get your garden ready with beautiful outdoor fabrics, ideal for recovering deck chairs, adding cushions and more. Your DIY garden and garden décor can be complete by adding eye-catching patterns and give you the summer décor to match to sunny months.
a living room filled with furniture next to a window covered in curtains and drapes
Add colour and character to your home with the Babooshka collection.
Create a vibrant living room. If you need inspiration for a funky living room, maybe you want to opt for a 70s living room or vintage maximalist and need living room alcove ideas. We’ve got fabrics and homewares for maximalist interior styles for your new apartment aesthetic and home decor.
an upholstered couch covered in colorful fabric with the words find out more on it
Abstract fabric to transform every home.
If you’re looking to update your spring home décor, try bringing in an abstract pattern into your space. This is a great way to bring a focal point into your classy bedroom or your cosy living room or update your black and beige hallway. We’ve got curtain and upholstery fabrics with pattern design, textures patterns and retro patterns, so you are sure to find the perfect design for your home.
a pillow sitting on top of a wooden chair in front of a white wall with the words, small home office
Small Home Office Decor
Inspiration for small home offices and office bedroom combos. We have fabrics & homewares to update your guest bedroom/office. An office spare bedroom combo must be a room suitable for work and guests. If you opt for a sofa bedroom guest room, we have cushions perfect to complete the space. Upholstery fabrics will make a huge difference to your small bedroom office. Updating your curtains can give your small office room a new lease of life & add a focal point to your small office space
a living room filled with furniture next to a window covered in yellow and green curtains
Dream Apartment Decor
We’re here to help you create your dream apartment decor. Whether you want a black feature wall to go with your black and oak kitchen to suit your kitchen interior design décor. Our fabrics can help you create dark academia interior if that’s your dream style. This could go well with your blue sofas living room. Blue velvet sofa living room is a great way to bring in a splash of colour. Or if victorian bohemian decor is more you, we also have plenty of fabrics to suit the style.
a chair sitting in front of a wall with pictures on it
Creative Accent Wall Ideas
Looking for creative accent wall ideas for your farmhouse feature wall? Whether you want to add in a kitchen accent wall or bedroom accent wall ideas? Accent walls and feature wall ideas. If you need snug living room ideas, a combination of our fabrics, wallpaper and artwork will help you create an accent wall, by bringing in a combination of patterns and colours. This will be great place to hang your DIY halloween garland.
a blue chair with pillows on it and the words, small living room inspirations
Small Living Room Inspiration
Small living room ideas for small apartment living, if you’re looking for college dorm room ideas or small home inspiration, we can help. Smaller spaces are perfect for creating a cozy autumn aesthetic. Add beautiful cushions, curtains and blankets. You can create chill apartment vibes, no matter the size of your space. Keep furniture in your living room minimal & bring in personality with homewares & home accents and accessories. Make use of wall space by adding shelves & trendy wall art.
an advertisement for a home decor store with the words, dream home ideas justfabrics
Create your Dream Home...
When thinking about my dream home, home outdoors, new bedroom ideas and apartment organisation all come to mind. Something else to consider is the fabrics you use. Whether you opt for green velvets to create a forest bedroom aesthetic. You could use your own sewing design to create cushions and soft furnishing. Mixing textures will help to create a cozy apartment aesthetic and modern kitchen colours used in blinds will really finish the space.
an outdoor patio cushion is displayed on a chair
Outdoor Patio Ideas & Inspiration
Looking for outdoor patio inspiration, whether you’ve got a small decking area or are looking to improve your backyard design. Bunting and outdoor mirrors work well as garden wall décor. Outdoor cushions also made a great addition to patios, making the space feel more homely and comfortable for backyard living. Whether you’re looking to make improvements to a covered patio attached to the house or looking for tiny backyard ideas, those small changes will make huge difference to your space.
a wooden bench sitting next to a wall with pillows and plants on top of it
Textiles for modern hallways
Looking for hallway inspo, or modern hallway ideas? Adding textiles, such as cushions to your hallway design is a great way to bring in personality and a touch of quiet luxury. Whether you’re looking for small entrance hall ideas or entryway ideas modern to suit your home décor style. Home entrance décor entryway should make your home feel inspiring and comforting, you can do this with cushion combinations on a hallway bench or stool.
a window with the words, just fabrics traditional blinds for bathrooms on it and an image of
Traditional designs to freshen up your bathroom.
Update your bathroom ideas with interesting blinds, designed to give your colourful home a new lease of life. These floral fabrics are the perfect choice for sewing and can be used for modern roller blinds, roman blinds and will give your small bathroom renovation ideas or modern bathroom design a classic style for the year ahead.
the cover of just fabrics eye - catching boho patterns for upholstered sofas
Complete your décor with a colourful, statement design.
Get inspired by Santana a wonderful, eye-catching upholstery fabric which will transform your rooms into a colourful home. This fabric is also a great choice for creating a bohemian house and bringing a cozy maximalism scheme into your diy décor. A bohemian style living room will give you the colourful interior design for the sunny months ahead and this fabric is the perfect choice for completing your Spring décor.
a living room filled with furniture and curtains
Create a relaxing home with neutral colours.
A neutral living room is a great way to create a timeless interior design scheme which doesn’t compromise on style. These fabrics come in warm, beige tones in different patterns such as traditional florals and contemporary designs. Add these into your minimalistic bedroom, warm beige living room or modern beige living room for a cosy space to unwind in. A minimalistic nursery will also give you the perfect platform for your little ones and will suit any diy home décor.
a living room filled with furniture and curtains
Rethink your living room décor with beautiful, statement curtains.
Give your home an update this Spring with curtains designed to make an impact. This article will guide you through the best way to use your curtains in your living room to create the home décor you want. Whether you are looking for family room inspiration, bedroom ideas, living room ideas or want to know how to complete your small living room décor, this simple guide will take you through how you can complete your Spring décor with the style you want.
a couch with pillows on it and the words striking iket patterns for homes
Be inspired by our collection of statement Ikat fabrics.
Give your curtains and blinds for windows a vibrant, fresh look with boho inspired ikat fabrics. These textile patterns will inspire your sewing projects to create luxurious living room curtains to make your interior design pop.
several different striped fabrics with the text get the look classic striped decor ideas justfabrics
Timeless and classic, discover our collection of striped fabrics.
Stripes are not just for a coastal theme or coastal decor; this versatile fabric can be used alongside traditional fabrics or contemporary textile patterns to achieve a stunning luxury living room look or colourful bedroom decor. Inspire your interior design living room with endless stripes, coming in a range of colours for every sewing project, whether it's curtains and blinds together, upholstery or cushions.
a blue couch sitting in front of a window
Evoke cosiness with calming sumptuous plains.
A simple bedroom can give you the cosy decor you want, and this collection of plain fabrics is ready to achieve the modern minimalist bedroom you want. Feng shui your simple bedroom with fabric of all colours and bring cosiness with a minimalistic bedroom.
a fireplace decorated for christmas with stockings and stocking
Transform your Winter decor with fun, festive fabrics.
Looking to add a winter decor into your handmade home decor? Explore our collection of fun festive fabrics which can be used for Christmas decorations, Christmas crafts and add a Christmas aesthetic to your sustainable living interior design.
the interior french toile decor is displayed in front of a window with pink and yellow curtains
Be inspired to add Toile for a traditional French interior.
Perfect for all interior styles, Toile is the ideal choice for traditional decors, cottage homes, townhouses or anyone wanting to add this beautiful design into their diy projects.
colorful tropical tapestries with scissors on them and the title overlay reads, just fabrics
Inject cheerfulness into your projects with this gorgeous collection of colourful tapestries.
Designed to add an impact, the tropical tapestries collection features vibrant tapestry fabric, tropical designs, and modern vibes for all of your interior needs.
the cover of just fabrics'book, discovery of quirky curtain fabric choices for your living room
Opt for fun ikat and scandi fabric for a modern style in your home.
With lots of colourful patterns, geometric designs and vibrant ikat styles to choose from, there is a fabric for every interior design style in this collection which will provide you with a fun and quirky home decor.
a table topped with glasses and plates next to a wallpaper covered in colorful patterns
Create a modern home and freshen with your windows with colourful geometric curtains.
Establish your home in the Contemporary style by choosing Geometric patterns in your Interior Decor. Swap Curtain Fabric for Modern looks and complete your Interior Design with fresh, exciting fabrics.
a blue chair with green leaves on it and the words, find out more statement eye - catching chairs justfabrics
Bring the drama and inject colour in your home with our fantastic statement chairs.
From a Modern Style, Traditional Aesthetic to a Contemporary Home, there is a statement chair for you, designed to make an impact and finish off your interior design with style.
the cover of just fabrics'art deco inspired fabric book, featuring black and white designs
Bring the roaring twenties into your home with bold Art Deco inspired fabrics.
Raise a glass to a Vintage, Classic Interior with our striking Art Deco themed fabrics. The Geometric shapes and statement colours are an ideal choice to emulate this style and finish your Traditional home with an impact.