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We have collected a range of exciting summer crafts for you
to do. From summer crafts for kids, quick crafts, garden party decorations, crafts for an outdoor kids play area and more, we have lots of sewing projects for beginners and experts. Take a look today and find the perfect sewing craft for you…
Be inspired by our wonderful collection of summer craft ideas.
We have collected a range of exciting summer crafts for you to do. From summer crafts for kids, quick crafts, garden party decorations, crafts for an outdoor kids play area and more, we have lots of sewing projects for beginners and experts. Take a look today and find the perfect sewing craft for you…
a couch with pillows on it in front of a window
Transform your home into an elegant British cottage.
An English cottage style is a wonderful home décor choice that features earthy colours, texture, muted tones and bold florals all of which will give you a calming and classic space. The British cottage look is an ideal choice for creating a cottagecore look and is the ideal choice for anyone wanting a farmhouse style or simply want to refresh their scheme, discover our handy article for choosing country fabrics.
a bed room with a neatly made bed and curtains
Give your bedroom a fresh look with a stylish headboard.
A great way to elevate your bedroom décor is to choose an eye-catching, stylish headboard. Headboards provide a focal point whether you opt for a floral pattern, paisley pattern, geometric design or a tropical vibe. We have a wide range of exciting fabric textures and designs for you to achieve a boho interior, French farmhouse or even a vibey room. Whatever your house décor, we have the perfect sewing fabric for every home renovation project…
a blue couch sitting in front of a window
Stylish and classic coastal patterns for seaside themed homes.
A coastal print can be a wonderful way to add charm to a home as well as personality and interest. Our wonderful collection is perfect for transforming a room décor into a cool room décor or vibey apartment to give you exciting coastal living rooms, coastal bedrooms and your dream coastal house. Take a closer look…
a chair and ottoman in front of a window with the curtains pulled back to reveal an ornate pattern
Striking, decorative upholstery fabric to give you focal points in your home.
Updating your upholstery is a great way to refresh your home décor schemes in your bedroom, living room, top of the stairs décor and kitchen while not changing your overall interior design. Our upholstery fabrics are durable and come in a range of style to complete your room décor. From florals, boho, modern and ticking styles, we have a range of fabric textures to suit your home.
a living room filled with furniture next to a window
Add Interest with Ikat Fabric.
Discover a lovely collection of ikat fabric, featuring bold boho fabrics, vibrant colours and a wide range of styles to suit any bohemian home décor. A boho living room and ikat style, adds interest to a wide range of interior design schemes and brings in charm and character to every living room, bedroom and kitchen.
a dining room table set with place settings and flowers on the table cloth, surrounded by green cabinetry
Intricate Foliage to Transform Your DIY Décor.
Enhance your interior design with a touch of foliage. A leaf pattern can bring the Tropical plants or cottage garden inside depending on what home style you want and can add interest to a range of Spring décor schemes. Not only can it bring a green aesthetic to a minimalist living room or a touch of cosiness to a foyer, a leaf pattern can be as subtle or dramatic as you want and we have a wide range of sewing fabrics to suit every DIY home.
a blue couch sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a table with flowers
Luxurious Velvets to Transform Your Sofa Fabric.
Give your sofa or armchair a new lease of life with beautiful upholstery fabric. Sofa fabric is durable and hardwearing and our velvet fabric is an ideal choice for a vintage home and a modern home, giving you flexibility with any interior design style.
a white bath tub sitting next to a window
Bathroom blind ideas for every home.
In need of bathroom blind ideas? We can help with bathroom window ideas for bathroom blinds. Whether you need small bathroom ideas and small bathroom inspiration or are looking to improve your bathroom aesthetic and need bathroom wall ideas, we’ve got everything you need to create the perfect bathroom blinds.
a green couch with pillows on it in front of a window and curtains behind it
Striking Geometric patterns for every home.
If you love a geometric pattern why not use it for your home décor. Geometric pattern design works great for curtains, blinds and upholstery. An abstract pattern will add a great focal point to any room, this is also a great way to bring in colour for your Spring decor. Geometric patterns work great for classy bedrooms or to bring some excitement to a black and beige hallway or bring something new to your colorful eclectic living room.
a chair that has some pillows on it
Chair fabric ideas for reupholstery
We have designer upholstery fabrics so you can reupholster your favourite chair with a floral pattern or change up the fabric texture. You could include abstract patterns to make a statement piece. For nursery room inspiration, using one of our playful fabrics will add a personal touch. It’s a good hallway idea to add a chair to the space and awesome bedrooms need beautiful chairs. For coastal bedroom decorating we have seaside-inspired fabrics which would be perfect for upholstery.
a wooden chair sitting in front of a blue wall with the words, stylish floral upholstery fabric inspiration
Freshen your living room with floral upholstery.
Floral fabric is a wonderful summer décor choice when rethinking your living room, bedroom and diy décor, especially for updating your armchairs with upholstery fabric. Coming in a range of styles such as Cottagecore, Arts and Crafts and William Morris inspired, discover how wide collection and explore summer house décor ideas.
colorful playroom ideas for kids from justfabrics com - click to see more at www justfabrics com
Give your children’s room a new lease of life with playful patterns.
Featuring charming animal patterns, decorative florals and more, we have the perfect cotton craft fabric for your playroom, nursery and children’s room. Whether you want to add a cosy cushion, colourful bunting or exciting curtains, be inspired by multi-coloured fabrics designed to transform your colourful playroom and children’s bedroom ideas.
colorful bunting for nurseries is featured in this postcard with the text just fabrics
Add playful patterns in your nursery with multi-coloured bunting.
Looking for your next colourful home crafts? Why not add playful patterns into your little one’s nursery room design with beautiful bunting? Creating a funky house décor couldn’t be easier and fabric crafts are a wonderful way to refresh your unique nursery ideas. Take a closer look at our cotton fabric and be inspired to get crafting with aesthetic crafts and diy creative crafts today.
some fabric flowers and buttons on a wooden table with text that reads, just fabrics simple spring decor ideas explore more
Add a personal touch with fabric flowers.
Whether you are looking for sewing projects to complete your diy Easter decorations, Spring decorations or Wedding decorations, simple fabric crafts don’t come easier with this beginners tutorial for making fabric flowers. You can choose whatever fabric you want for your floral craft and they can be used to finish off your Spring décor or add interest to your Summer ideas room décor.