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Bringing the beauty of botany into your home. Foliage and flower home decor inspiration for interiors.
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a living room filled with furniture and pink curtains
Capture the magic of Spring inside your home.
A British cottage interior or a Farmhouse style is a lovely interior design look that will give your living room, bedroom, kitchen and hallway a fresh, timeless aesthetic. Whimsical décor schemes and a Spring home style can be easily added with floral curtains, linen cushions and cosy wool throws. Find out how to add a dream home and Spring home style today…
a living room filled with furniture and curtains
Be inspired by beautiful, decorative designer fabrics for home renovations.
Buying your first home? Or simply want to breathe life into your room décor with fresh colour and pattern? Take a look at our wonderful collection of house décor fabrics, perfect for giving you a stylish home design and dream house. We have everything from ticking, toile de jouy, vibey room patterns and botanical bedroom designs to suit a wide range of home décor style. Take a closer look…
an image of floral patterns for spring bedroom furniture and decorating ideas with text overlay that reads, botanical patterns for spring rooms
Add a touch of classic charm with decorative floral patterns.
Bring the outdoors in with the beautiful, designer fabric, Ledbury. This stunning floral fabric features an intricate design of wildflowers to give your home renovation projects a touch of elegance. Ideal for anyone wanting to redesign their room décor, create a botanical bedroom or simply want to feature a floral fabric texture in their house décor, Ledbury is waiting to be transformed into a pair of intricate curtains or stylish cushions. Take a closer look…
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to two chairs and a table with flowers on it
Summer homes wouldn’t be complete without a floral or foliage pattern…
Unsure how to add a botanical bedroom to your home? Or simply want to refresh your curtains, blinds and cushions with classic floral and foliage patterns? We have a handy article telling you how you can bring the outdoors in and transform your DIY home into a cozy earthy bedroom or vibey apartment. Whatever your house, adding in timeless patterns is a great way to make sure you home renovation remains relevant and elegant. Read more…
an image of a bed that has been made with fabric for the cover and pillows
Create an elegant French Farmhouse style with intricate Toile.
Transform your interior design with a French Farmhouse style with decorative, elegant Toile de Jouy. From fabric featuring a botanical flower pattern and details of a whimsical décor design, our fabric collection is ready to give your home and room design a fresh look. From refreshing your curtains in a living room, adding in cushions to your botanical bedroom to blinds in a kitchen, our fabric is versatile and durable for a range of sewing projects.
the blinds in this kitchen are painted with flowers
Upcycle and Make DIY Roman Shades or Decorative Blinds.
Looking for your next sewing project? Look no further than our easy DIY guide for creating perfect blinds for windows. Ideal for scrap fabric projects, refresh your roman blinds and roller blinds in your diy home or apartment and give your rooms a new lease of life.
a bed sitting under a window next to a table with a lamp on top of it
Classic Schemes For Small Living Rooms.
The William Morris Design Collection contains several Arts and Crafts favourites from Willow Bough to Strawberry Thief and is ideal for adding a touch of endless elegance in a small home or small living room. If you are looking for some décor ideas and want to add a rustic or vintage home décor, this collection is just for you.
a living room with green walls and yellow curtains on the window sill, in front of an orange chair
William Morris Cottage Curtains For Bedrooms and Living Rooms.
Give your rustic kitchen or country home, a touch of timeless charm with beautiful cottage curtains. Our wonderful William Morris curtains captures the rustic house, Cottage garden and traditional Townhouse style and can help add classic elements to your interior design scheme.
several different types of fabric with the words find out more
Tranquil Linen For Every Room.
Wanting a Farmhouse Décor, French Cottage look or simply want to add a Spring Décor to your DIY home? Why not choose Linen, a beautiful natural fabric perfect for giving you lots of curtain ideas. Whether you choose to create linen curtains or add texture with sheer curtains, this fabric choice feature sumptuous plains and patterns to create the refreshing, cozy living room or bedroom décor you want.
a blue chair sitting in front of a window next to a table with a lamp on it
Floral Patterns for Spring Homes.
Discover intricate floral fabrics suitable for your sewing projects, scrap fabric projects and transforming your Spring Home Décor with a floral aesthetic. From featuring roses, wildflowers, cosmos and more, our floral fabric is an ideal choice for a range of interior design styles and will give you lots of home décor inspiration whether you opt to update your window treatments, headboards and more.
the college garden fabric is shown with flowers and leaves on it, as well as text that
Relaxing Cottage Garden Fabric For Spring.
Featuring a relaxing watercolour flowers print and inspired by a Cottage garden, this stunning fabric, Cottage Garden Outdoor, is a wonderful choice to inspire your garden ideas. Whether you are looking to bring a classic English Cottage Garden look into your outdoor gardens design or simply want to add fabric to your garden boarders with a deckchair, this fabric is the perfect choice for you…
a kitchen with green cabinets and white counter tops in front of a window that has floral roman shades on the windowsill
Create a classic scheme with a floral interior.
Looking for inspiration for your spring home decor, we’ve got home decor ideas and spring decorating ideas for the home. Whether you need bedroom ideas for a cosy bedroom or are looking to create a vibrant living room. We’ve got craft ideas for spring decorations and spring crafts to update your home for the season.
a living room with green curtains and white drapes on the window sill, next to a couch
Decorate your home with William Morris curtains.
Floral curtains make a great focal point in a home and are perfect for a girly apartment décor or your farmhouse cottage. Floral curtains are also perfect choice for any Spring décor and look great against hand painted furniture and will fit with 2024 wall colour trends. Flower prints can also help create a warm bedroom and look great for a rustic country kitchens.
Bringing a paisley pattern into your home, is the perfect way to add pattern for a spring décor. Print patterns such as paisley is perfect for a classy bedroom. This will work for a neutral and black bedroom, a neutral palette bedroom or a colorful eclectic living room. A paisley pattern is also great for girlie apartment decor. Pattern Designs, Paisley Fabric, Fabric Design, Print Patterns, Paisley Pattern, Fabric Samples, Fabric Projects
Intricate paisley patterns to transform your home.
Bringing a paisley pattern into your home, is the perfect way to add pattern for a spring décor. Print patterns such as paisley is perfect for a classy bedroom. This will work for a neutral and black bedroom, a neutral palette bedroom or a colorful eclectic living room. A paisley pattern is also great for girlie apartment decor.
a chair sitting in front of a window next to a vase with flowers on it
Cosy watercolour, floral prints to fresh any room.
If you love a watercolour flower pattern design, we’ve got the perfect home inspo for your girly apartment decor. With beautiful Voyage Maison fabrics, you can update your Spring Home decor, which will make the perfect feature in your classy bedroom, cosy living room or to add colour to your black and beige hallway.