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two tennis rackets sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a white wall
Portrait of Place: Orkney
Our new exhibition 'Orkney: Portrait of Place' in our Mayfair store, beautifully curated by Simon Costin for London Design Festival 2019.
the door is painted white with two eyes and one keyhole on it's side
a dining room table and chairs in front of a brick wall with spiral staircases
an image of a table and chairs with potted plants on the wall behind it
a person riding a bike in front of a building with many windows and balconies
Architectural Dreams: 20 Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Renders of Surreal Minimalism
a black and white photo of a person standing in front of a large circular building
[ the pensieren circle ]
the pensieren circle berlin, germany
black and white photograph of two people sitting at the top of a staircase in front of an apartment building
Stefan Giers. Landmark in the Lusatian Lakeland.
the inside of a house with glass walls
Reminds me of a Frank Lloyd Wright home Into the woods - nice link
a book shelf with books and magazines on it's sides, hanging from the wall
Coverboy Hanging Wire Rack by Alex Valder
many drawers are stacked on top of each other
Milan's Atelier Fornasetti - Italian Ways
black and white photograph of lights hanging from the ceiling in a room filled with chairs
a white chair sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to a gray wall
Jutta und Herbert Ohl 'Swing', Armchair
Clean, decorative, fun.