Material choices, close ups, texture, colour, raw
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a lamp that is sitting on a table with a cord plugged into the base
Sean Gerstley’s Clay Objects Live In A World Of Their Own - Sight Unseen
an old brick sidewalk with chipped paint on it's sides and cracks in the middle
an orange and blue abstract painting on the wall
yaherd: Luke Archer
the scales of an animal's skin are all different colors and patterns on it
fish scales
the skin of a snake is white and black
A Feminine Tomboy
fish scales
an animal is standing in front of a rock wall that looks like it's made out of rocks
Random Ghost
Rock Formations - natural rough textures with earthy grey tones; nature's artwork
an abstract black and white painting with a quote on the bottom that says, manok mata
Photo (You're pretty, bitch)
Marbling inks: Michael Chase - Marbling - Black, White, and Pink
an open book with color swatches on the cover and inside pages in different colors
Colorplan Website - G.F Smith
PAPER: Colorplan | Promotions
a close up view of the inside of a tube with an orange light in it
Corrugated cardboard forms
nine square and rectangle metal pieces on a white wall
Concrete finishes
black and white photograph of wood chips
We're in love with close ups of materials and textures at the moment! #slate #surface #texture #form #design #llechi #cymru
a white bench sitting in front of a wall with cut out trees and bicycles on it
Civic Education Resource Centre
Marc and Chantal Design - Cardboard exhibition
a piece of wood that looks like it has been cut in half
Object Sculpture Space
Faye Toogood | Furniture Design