Oskar Schlemmer, the fabulous Bauhaus lecturer for the stage workshop. A costume from his wonderful Triadic Ballet!

Oscar Schlemmer: Costume for Triadic Ballet, 1922 Schlemmer (Sep. 1888 – was a German painter, sculptor and designer associated with the Bauhaus school. School was closed by Hitler for being too modern

el lissitzky's proun room, 1923  (saw it at moma in ON LINE, loved it)

El Lissitzky, Prounenraum (Proun room) [created for First Russian Art Exhibition in Berlin], Wood

Annely Juda Fine Art | Artists | Werner Haypeter

Annely Juda Fine Art is based in London and represents contemporary British, European and International artists.

Australian Bianca Chang is holding her first solo show Light Maps at A-M Gallery, Sydney. Bianca Chang is a self-taught designer and artist living and working in Sydney and has participated in numerous group exhibitions. Her work embodies a play of lines, through motions of movement and engagement with light.

Bianca Chang Gold and blue II, 2013 Paper and ink

Richard Serra / Equal Parallel : Guernica-Bengasi, 1986. Obra desaparecida del Museo Reina Sofía... y hallada en la novela de Abbé Nozal: "Olvidé decirte que apagaras el horno"

Saw this recently in Madrid at the Reina Sofía Richard Serra / Equal Parallel : Guernica-Bengasi,

Fred Sandback

I'm not a major fan of minimalist art, but when I saw Fred Sandback's work installed in one of Donald Judd's barracks in Marfa, it was moving. Amazing how spatial and transformative a single line in a large volume can be!