BASICALLY! BEARDED DRAGONS WOOOOO! Anyone want to chat for a few minutes before I go to sleep?

The Vamps + One Direction + = the end of me [Plus more than a few reasons to be a fangirl] connor of the vamps

The Vamps on One Direction: "They deserve every success they get" - The Vamps images -

the vamps double denim birmingham festival The Vamps in Double Denim

James from the vamps. The vamps are going to open up for Taylor (Swift) in London at the o2 arena. Also he loves her. Like really loves her. In interviews he says that she is the reason why he started to write music. So go and look up The Vamps on YouTube.

Read "please don't leave me ever. (the vamps/ James Mcvey fanfic) - I don't want my heart broken" it is amazing i think

the vamps lead singer brad, will someday be my husband. JK

the vamps lead singer brad, will someday be my husband. JK (not) he will be my husband!

The Vamps Taking Over Dean Sherwood's Job..

The Vamps - So you get Tristan and Connor being normal then you get pouty James and then you get whatever the hell Brad is doing.

The Vamps

Told my self after I was obsessed with i wouldn't fall for another band then came the Vamps.I broke that promise!

Bradley Simpson - The Vamps

I hate that their life is starting to come to the fact they can't go anywhere together without getting mobbed so bad by fans. People need to realise these boys are just normal boys that happen to be in an incredible band.

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