Children's designs

children's play mat with cars, trucks and houses on it in the shape of a road
Our Roadmap oilcloth makes the most wonderful playmat
a toy chest with the word catlin on it and hearts in pink, blue, and green
Maisy Aqua looks fabulous as a changing mat cushion on this bespoke toybox
this is an image of a child's table with sand in it
A brilliant idea for our Roadmap oilcloth
a bib with an image of a pig on it
Children's Animal Chatter Caramel Tabard - Just Wipe
Animal Chatter Tabard in Caramel. Suitable for 1 yrs - 3 yrs approx. This pattern has a different picture on the back - click on the image for further details
an animal themed wallpaper with farm animals and words written in english or spanish on it
Animal Chatter Caramel
a green background with farm animals and sheep on it's sides, all in different colors
Old MacDonald had a "Funky Farm"
a blue background with pirate characters on it
Swashbucklers Gloss Vinyl Coated Tablecloth (SL) - Just Wipe
It's fun all the way with our Swashbucklers oilcloth
a map of the world with animals and people on it is shown in blue fabric
Justwipe Ltd.
Around the World ... how about a Geography lesson over breakfast?