It's Nice That | Tom Haugomat’s cinematic posters for luxury apartments in a Southbank high-rise

Tom Haugomat’s cinematic posters for luxury apartments in a Southbank high-rise


Don’t let others define you…

I absolutely love these! It uses positive and negative space, as well as a couple words to explain how the super hero came to be.

Illusion - Clever use of negative space to create a logo

60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs

Typography   Final Test by reevosaulus Provoke Your Graphic Design Inspiration In Typography And Text Art

Hodges - Type Based Design - This is an informational type design for the type face Helvetica. This design is well structured and laid out with the type style in mind. This structure gives the user a sense of that type face's style.

Love is the drug by Noma Bar

This illustration is called, Love is the drug by Noma Bar. I love the simple ilustration style yet it eludes to a much deeper meaning. It takes two symbols and combines them in an interesting way. This is a good example of an editorial illustration.

Typestanding with Javier Jaén, artist and... • typostrate


Estudio Javier Jaén - Barcelovers Amb V de Votar. Con V de Votar. With V for Vote. Art direction by Lamosca.

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How to be Good at Graphic Design

The cut of the words tells me a message of separation, yet the words (Graphic Dialogue) tell another story of bringing it all together. The cut text is really cool looking and gives a clear message. Well made poster and good use of space.

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89 Beautiful Typography Design Ideas

89 Beautiful Typography Design Ideas

There is consistent proximity throughout the logotype. The negative space forming the "N" makes sense with the name because looking at the logotype engages the audience when locating the "N". I also think the logotype font works well bold.

Superhero posters

Eerie superhero posters

I love this so much it makes me rethink the tattoo I have in mind for my mom..

This logotype illustrates freedom literally by having the op half of the M fly off like a bird. The logotype uses the comparison of birds and freedom as a message. This logotype is effective in communicating meaning.

One hero, two shadows

One hero, two shadows

The Avengers: One Hero, Two Shadows.I love this! Wish I could find it and put it in lil buddies bedroom! <----- actually, that's not just the avengers. It also has some justice league members in there which is DC. The avengers are Marvel.

Beautiful Splatters of Superhero Characters…

Beautiful Splatters of Superhero Characters…

Beautiful Splatters of Superhero Characters…you wanna know why batman is in the midst of all these marvel characters? it's because he's awesome! and you know why superman isn't in the midst of all these marvel characters? because he's not awesome


I really like this logotype because it is simple but completely expresses the purpose of walking. I like how the letter "A" is conveyed with the use of moving legs as if an individual is walking.

marvel art

Creatively Silhouetted Posters of Superheroes Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Batman.

Pencil v2 by Reghardt

Smart way of fusing an icon with the type inside a the "i" and "l" form the top half of a pencil. yet effective - designed by Reghardt Grobbelaar. ONE small triangle, reinforces the idea of the 'pencil' by making to 'L' and 'I' look like a pencil