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Saul Steinberg in Nose Mask 1966, Irving Penn. - Saul Steinberg, en la nariz de la máscara de 1966, Irving Penn.
hidden face
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Carton by Akatre, 2013                                                          ...
with a towel instead, wrapped
avant garde couture woven white mask - source not provided - pinned by RokStarroad.com
Phobias by Diana Dihaze. dark beauty photography. spider webs || Inspiration
how can you tell gender? you can't. Men use the burka to disguise themselves when needed. Duh !  -- how can you tell if it's someone who has been beaten? or had an acid attack?  They essentially walk in the world Oppressed and as if inside of their own closet, or basement. unseen. why? Rape? Clearly muslim men have never learned to control their erections. i kid you not. if the external world has to keep them soft -- they need some basic information before this person finds freedom.
I had to pin this because I just don't get it.  Stuff befuddles me unless it's useful, beautiful, or I can at least figure out what it is.  I just want to start taking that thing apart and hanging my laundry on the line.  I guess art DOES inspire.