If pets are chewing or foot traffic stomping your prize succulents, here’s a dramatic solution to safeguard every ruffly, curvaceous leaf.

steel pipe as planters.or any other type of cement or clay pipe or metal duct

Fountain made by pouring concrete into 4" PVC pipes with thin copper pipe for water, Debora Carl

Fountain made by pouring concrete into 4 PVC pipes with thin copper pipe for water, Debora Carl

I like the idea of it moving easily, and locking. how do you feel about the steel supports?  too industrial?

via 4 Men 1 Lady - DIY Plumbing Pipe Table Tutorial. I'm so doing this when we get a house! ---I think maybe opt for metal pipe for a more sturdy & industrial look

Ellerslie Flower Show 2003, garden with contemporary metal sculpture designed by Norma de Langen

industrial modern take on basalt columns. Ellerslie Flower Show garden designed by Norma de Langen

www.goodshomedesign.com how-to-diy-industrial-coffee-table

DIY Industrial coffee table with plumbing pipe base. This would be great to make as my craft table to bring everything together in my unfinished basement!

Magnolia Residence industrial landscape

Magnolia Residence by Banyon Tree Design Studio - I know what I'm doing with that old barrel in my junk heap.

Panka - Indoor/ outdoor bench by FunkTastik on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/211356400/panka-indoor-outdoor-bench

Great industrial bench for outside seating! Panka - Indoor/ outdoor bench Panka is a handmade, made to order bench , built with reclaimed wood and recycled steel pipes, hand bent with oxygen/acetylene torches.

Wall Light Industrial light Steampunk Sconce by WestNinthVintage

Industrial Lighting - Steampunk Faucet Sconce - Steampunk light - Industrial Sconce [Edison Bulb Sold Separately] by WestNinthVintage on Etsy Idea for lighting on our walls.