Romanian artist Dan Voinea creates hallucinatory paintings of characters descending into madness and fantasy. Roughly painted figures appear doubled or translucent; sometimes different bodies melt into one another, blurring the lines of identity.

"Evanescent" - Dan Voinea, oil on linen {contemporary figurative artist grunge painting}

maurozag Dan Voinea (Romanian, b. Soliloquy, Oil on linen, 180 x 150 cm.

Dan Voinea - Dan Voinea creates oil on linen figurative paintings with a surreal feel, where people seem to float or dissolve and where there may be missing or extra .

The Art of Dan Voinea. Dan Voinea is a Bucharest, Romania based artist. His artworks depict stereotypical people of everyday life in the realm of surrealit

"A momentary rise in reason" - Dan Voinea, oil on linen {contemporary artist figurative painting}