Charlotte Ritchie 	Charlotte is best known for her role in Fresh Meat where she has played the role of Oregon for all three seasons.
Tom Stourton	- SIBLINGS - Tom is best known for his comic roles in a number of BBC3 comedy feeds as well as Channel 4 Comedy Labs.
Christine Bottomley  Born 27 April 1979	Christine has appeared in a number of popular British comedy series including Early Doors and Shameless.   More recently she has had roles in other Northern dramedy’s including Great Night Out.
Katy Wix - BBC COMEDY FEEDS 2014  Born 28 February 1980	Katy has appeared on our screens since 2006 but more recently she has had roles in Anna and Katy and Absolutely Fabulous. 2010
Will Hartley BBC COMEDY FEEDS 2014	Will has also appeared in Cardinal Burns.   		Independent talent
Jenny Bede 	BBC COMEDY FEEDS 2014 Jenny has appeared in a number of comedy feeds since 2012. She has also appeared in Misfits, Watson and Oliver and is currently filming One Crazy Thing.
Ashley Walters- BBC COMEDY FEEDS 2014 Ashley began his career in the 90’s in Grange Hill. Since then he has appeared in a number of popular series such as Top Boy, Doctor Who and The Musketeers.
Ethan Lawrence- BBC COMEDY FEEDS 2014 Ethan is best known for his role in Bad Education where he plays the role of Joe alongside Jack Whitehall. He also appeared in the Sky comedy Trying Again recently.
Amir El-Masry	Amir has just finished filming the series Rosewater. BBC COMEDY FEEDS 2014
Jazzie Zonzolo - BBC COMEDY FEEDS 2014  Born 6 October 1989	Jazzie appeared in the TV Movie My Murder and in three episodes of Diary of a Bad Man.  	Independent talent

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Bad Education. I always get told if I become a teacher, I'd be like Jack Whitehall in this - a failure.
Bad Education (TV Series 2012-2014) 	 A comedy series about a teacher who is a bigger kid than the kids he teaches.
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WOOOOOOOOOOO I have this inexplicable love for Jack Whitehall; sooo excited for this!
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