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I think something is not right V:representative of gucci and on the way of being a model. -> tru but there are days where V looks like he didn't give his outfit any thought

this is so adorable

Jiminnie is the cutest mochi ever and Suga's is accurate af

Image result for v gets lost bon voyage

I was just happy that they managed to not die! I mean what else do you expect when u leave Bangtan alone for their holiday?


Good news BTS is having a Comeback Bad news not soon enough

So funny but I like that he didn't really like the experience so hopefully it won't become a habit for him

Taehyung el día que probo alcohol por primera vez!


Struggles of being roommates with a Destructionmon

No but seriously I wonder what their first sub unit will be.

Jungkook: whatya sayin b*tch Jimin: fight me! Suga: senpai is mine and you know it.