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Термин охватывает разнообразные стили. Несколько британских художников, работавших на контрасте с Минимализмом предыдущего десятилетия, добились признания со своими экспрессивными и символическими скульптурами. Antony Gormley, Bill Woodrow, Richard Deacon, Anish Kapoor, Tony Cragg
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ANTONY GORMLEY, FLARE II: the sculpture was formerly installed at salisbury cathedral in england, a medieval structure completed in 1258.

Flare II by Antony Gormley - wire frame work coloured string inside.

Antony Gormley's new work 'Blind Light' in the Hayward Gallery, South Bank, 2007

Antony Gormley: 'I feel terribly misunderstood'

Gormley: Humidifiers create a dense vapour, reducing the visibility inside the eight by 10 metre glass enclosure. The resulting luminous fog makes it disorientating for those inside.

Antony Gormley Blind Light doorway

Antony Gormley, Blind Light, 2007 Disorientation and an assault on the senses isn’t something I normally associate with Antony Gormley. Figurative sculptures, yes; glass boxes full of fog and…

"Another Place" Anthony Gormley statues on Crosby beach, encrusted with barnacles

"Another Place" Anthony Gormley statues on Crosby beach, encrusted with barnacles - love the haunting beauty and symbolism.

Los hombres de Antony Gormley | Undermatic

Los hombres de Antony Gormley

Anthony Gormley - 'Lost Horizon I', 2008  Cast iron, 32 elements / 189 x 53 x 29 cm  Installation view White Cube Mason's Yard, London, England  Photograph by Stephen White, London

The work of prolific British sculptor Antony Gormley explores the human body and its relationship to space.

Anthony Gormley BED, 1980 - 1981 Made from pieces of toast

Anthony Gormley BED, 1980 - 1981 Made through eating pieces from pieces of Mothers pride bread

Subject II, 2012  Antony Gormley  via    for : form

Antony Gormley - This sculpture reminds me of the layout of 'Minecraft', as of the blocks of the way the person is made up of.