Первое английское авангардисткое течение XX века, основанное в 1914 году Уиндхемом Льюисом. Его название образовано от английского слова vortex - вихрь, водоворот. Это краткосрочное направление рассматривается обычно как ответвление Футуризма, но сам Льюис, отделял свою группу от итальянского движения. Jacob Epstein, C.R.W Nevinson, David Bomberg, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Wyndham Lewis
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Sir Jacob Epstein (1880-1959)  The Tin Hat  Portrait Bust  1916

The Tin Hat Portrait Bust 1916 // sculpture by Sir Jacob Epstein

'Lucifer' (Bronze) by Sir Jacob Epstein, Birmingham Art Gallery, Birmingham, England.

vwcampervan-aldridge: “ *Lucifer* , Bronze by Sir Jacob Epstein, Birmingham Art Gallery, Birmingham, England. Original Photography by vwcampervan-aldridge ”

Each man kills the thing he loves.  Including Oscar's tomb. It is getting so damaged that they are going to put a barrier around it.

Oscar Wilde's Tomb designed by Jacob Epstein in Paris

Portrait by Jacob Epstein

Portrait by Jacob Epstein

Christ in Majesty by Jacob Epstein. Riverside Church, Morningside Heights, NYC. Zippertravel.com Digital Edition

The name Rockefeller conjures up images of lavish houses, prestigious universities, art & science, but right now, let's go to church with the Rockefellers.

Gabrielle Soene By Sir Jacob Epstein

Artworks of Sir Jacob Epstein (British, 1880 - from galleries, museums and auction houses worldwide.

Jacob Epstein's infamous, alabaster sculpture 'Adam', dominates the Entrance Hall. Made in the 1930's the work has always been controversial. The late Lord Harewood acquired it for display in the 1961 Edinburgh Festival. In 1976, 'Adam', arrived at Harewood where he has stood ever since.


'Adam' was carved by Epstein from a single block of alabaster, between 1938 and When it was complete, Epstein's own agents (Mssrs Brown and Phillipps…