Smoking Club Typeface // via Buamai

Facel Smoking club typeface by Rodrigo Aguadé and Manuel Astorga. Both work for a design studio in Madrid, Spain. Interesting how monumental type could appear without a colour just on white.

Mark Bradford transforms materials scavenged from the street into wall-sized collages and installations that respond to the impromptu networks - underground economies, migrant communities, or popular appropriation of abandoned public space - that emerge within a city.

Mark Bradford Kryptonite, 2006 Mixed media,collage on paper 249 x 301 cm

Stephen James Kennedy: urban surface parking studies

Study of typical conditions of surface parking in various urban typologies. - surface lots, buildings and streets:

Klaksvík City Center Entry by Group8

Klaksvík City Center Entry by Group8

Urban plan by Group 8 architects for their competition entry for the Klaksvik City Centre competition.

#Women in #Architecture

Infographic: Women in Architecture

Paisajes Emergentes

Plan by Paisajes Emergentes to repurpose Quito's Mariscal Sucre International Airport.


Typographic Map of Food of the British Isles, on the wall of a small restaurant in Durham, England Typographic maps are all the r.

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