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Charlotte, NC  ·  Your emotions are affected by foods and surroundings. Kaliana is a leading expert in using Natural Emotional Care to Turn On Your Happy!
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Shiny, Snappy Raw Chocolate

In this video, Amy Levin, The Raw Chocolatier, will make it step-by-step simple for you to make shiny, snappy raw chocolate at home.

Raw chocolate Ganache Cake- Best ever!

Raw chocolate ganache cake tastes like the creamiest and the best chocolate cake ever. Rich chocolate cream covered with divinely tasty heavy ganache topping, this dessert hits the spot every single time.

Make the perfect vegan chocolate ganache with this step-by-step tutorial.

Making the perfect, silky chocolate ganache is a skill that every baker should have. One may assume that it’s a simple process considering it only involves two ingredients…

Ashwagandha Chai

Of the three flavors of Super REBBL that we sampled, this one was certainly the most unique in the sense that it does not have a chocolate flavor. What it does have is an assertive chai flavor that has just a bit too much spice (specifically clove) f