Malcolm Tucker, (The thick of it) Describes Star Wars

Malcolm Tucker (In the Loop/The thick of it) Describes Star Wars

The Thick Of It - Malcolm Tucker (played by Peter Capaldi), Describes Star Wars (sorry for the language) - just a friendly reminder that this man is our new Doctor

Peter Capaldi in The Thick of It

"Climb the mountain of conflict? You sound like a Nazi Julie Andrews." -- Malcolm Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi, who is the new Dr Who.

Star Wars

Quite possibly the best description of Star Wars ever (and one of my favorite scenes from the new series of The Thick of It). If I had to give it a title, it would be "Valiant Attempt at a Star Wars Analogy by Someone Who Doesn't Like Star Wars.

The crossest man in Scotland.

Jamie from The Thick Of It: A Tribute. the bit with him trying to take robyn and terri's jackets off while chanting "fight, fight, fight." kills me

(774): If I ever write a book, I’m calling it “Why...

[Image - Nicola in her fetching blue dress and bolero top is talking to Malcolm who has his hands out like he’s trying to throttle her] Can we please get through at least one night out when you.