America by Grace Breyley: torn paper landscape.

America by Grace Breyley: torn paper landscape. could be in fabric also, love the stripes. Thinking of creating a torn paper collage for the bedroom

Don Kenn (AKA John Kenn Mortensen)

Wow these are creepy! Don Kenn (AKA John Kenn Mortensen), who continues to fill Post-It pads and other odds and ends of office supplies with pen drawings of his d.

a level textiles sketchbook exploring butterflies

A Level Textiles: Beautiful Sketchbook Pages

Fashion Textiles Sketchbook richly illustrated with mixed media obsevational paintings + design research, fabric interpretations and fashion design development

Fashion Sketchbooks, Artist Study with thanks to Ania Leike for Art School Students, CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at Art School Portfolio, Fashion, Clothes, GCSE, A Level ,Design, Art, Figurative, Figure, People,

Sleep Paralysis

Fashion Design Sketchbook

Textiles and Fashion Design Sketchbooks - 20 Inspirational Examples

Mixed media sketchbook pages explore a wide range of tactile surfaces and structures. mediums and techniques, resulting in rich colours

A beautiful Art Exam by Year 11 student Nikau Hindin in response to the topic 'crustaceans'. IGCSE Art & Design

Natural Forms: A beautiful International GCSE Art Exam

Based on the topic 'Crustaceans' this natural forms project gained A* in the International GCSE Art exam (IGCSE Art and Design Controlled Test).

hannah hoch collage eyes lips fingernails pop mash leggings inspiration

Accidental Mysteries, A Weekly Gallery of Images: Observatory: Design Observer

AS Level Art Sketchbook (Mark making with black and white paint)

AS Level Art sketchbook. Theme of Dockside - Mark making with black and white paint (Megan Clarke) I lile this one because of the tone used it diffrent and the effect that it leaves it. Good effect and also i like the diffrent patterns