jonathan whitfill

Artist Jonathan Whitfill’s repurposed book art. For other bookish things, check the Unconsumption archive here.

Pushpin portrait by Eric Daigh.

Massive Pushpin Portraits

net sculpture by Janet Echelman

American artist Janet Echelman reshapes urban airspace with monumental, fluidly moving sculpture that responds to environmental forces including wind, water, and sunlight. A transporting 10 minutes of pure creativity speaking at TED.

SUE LAWTY, LEAD 2009: woven lead strips, hammered.

Sue Lawty Lead sample by tapestry artist Sue Lawty, developing woven tapestry forms into other media I like how the light can still come through the tapestry because of the loose weave


ABSTRACT Modern Art Painting - Original Custom Made to Order Modern Contemporary Fine Art Painting by Destiny Womack - I think I can do this with crayons/wax


Metropolitan Jewel-Box - Emerald art print and other works by artist Amori on sale today.

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