Willow Sculptures. Highgrove Artisan

Highgrove Artisan: Interesting and organic art that mixes well with the wildlife, would look nicer is leaves acted as the feathers on the body.

Fox wire sculpture by Rupert Till. this is cool, but I think my dogs will bark at it all night long

Terrific Wire Garden Sculpture By Rupert Till : Monarch Extraordinarily Quot French Gold Floor Lamp With Swarovski Spectra, Shelves Lamp With Floor Lamps, Wood Regal Satin Brass Floor Lamp, Antique Floor Lamps Designs The Adorable Home

Andy Goldsworthy I love the natural imagery of the bird's nest and the fact that it was actually made by a man, rather than the animal who is actually supposed to create it

Andy Goldsworthy - absolutely my favorite artist. He makes sculptures out of only natural things without using glue. This would make a great home for wildlife

Emma Stothard - Sculptor | Willow Sculpture and Wire Sculpture | North Yorkshire

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Portfolio - Emma Stothard - Sculptor ♡ Willow Sculpture and Wire Sculpture ♡ North Yorkshire, UK

Willow Sculptures. Highgrove Artisan

Emma Stothard's fabulous handcrafted willow sculptures are available to buy, handmade to order.