Chinese Crafts for Kids - Chinese fans and more. - In The Playroom

Chinese Crafts for Kids - Chinese fans and more

Ideas for Chinese crafts for kids at Chinese New Year, including Cherry Blossom inspired Chinese fans, Painting with coin printing and more.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with these DIY Lucky Red Envelopes. We have a printable template to make it easy!

DIY Lucky Red Envelopes Celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Song | Free EYFS / KS1 Resources for Teachers

Illustrated Chinese New Year song telling the story of the great race which determined the order in which the animal years began.

More ideas
Chinese New Year inspired sensory tray from Rachel (",)

Chinese New Year Sensory Tray

Ideal for children with transporting or enveloping schemas who enjoy repeatedly filling and emptying.Chinese New Year Sensory Tray from Rachel (",)

chinese new year sensory play 200

Chinese New Year activities

Chinese New Year sensory play Chinese spice play dough.what could we provide alongside dough to spark conversation around chinese culture and artefacts?

Chinese New Year sensory table: rice, chopsticks, take out containers, red envelopes, small baskets

Really neat idea for a Chinese New Year themed sensory box. Thank you Teacher Tom, once again, for your vast wealth of knowledge and ideas :) sensory table water

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this cute, colorful craft that your students will love!

Chinese New Year: Classroom Crafts to Celebrate the Chinese New Year. This year, Chinese New Year begins on February Here are some fun and easy ways you can bring some auspicious Chinese New Year fun into your classroom.

Chinese Dragon Handprint from Create Town

Create Town: Chinese Dragon Handprint---I was thinking I could do this as a class project with each child's handprint making a long body, then adding on the details for a bulletin board topper with some other art displayed underneath.