I love Piper's work, referencing him in my current art work on facades.

John Piper window, suitable for an art project like the GCSE Openings

Mixed-Media Architecture with Frottage - John Piper influenced - John Piper (1903 – 1992) is considered to be one of the most significant British artists of the 20th Century

John Piper St Matthias, Stoke Newington, London: by William Butterfield’, 1964 © The Piper Estate

John Piper (British, 1903-1992) Reims Cathedral, Marne, France

Twentieth century British artist John Piper continues to pay tribute to this jewel of medieval French architecture.

John Piper, ‘Abbeville’ 1972

‘Abbeville’ by British artist John Piper Screenprint on paper, 800 x 600 mm. via the Tate

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