Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle.

Great project - Grow carrots in your garden - in a partially submerged 2 liter soda bottle with the bottom cut off, enabling the kids to watch the roots & tops grow at the same time. and to see the carrots develop.

Water play for kids out of doors!

used an old rain gutter, with end caps on each side, and a small pump, to create a flowing waterway for plastic boats. (Plastic gutter would be best)

Tyre small world play

Tire small world play - you could even fill up an old tire (or small kiddie pool) with good quality sod for a more simple surface.

Our new small world gravel vehicles, dinosaurs, minibeasts, so many ideas. The gravel was kindly donated from Interline Builders Merchants

"EY FroTeachers- wow your kids and their parents this year- a small construction area- add construction vehicles, hard hats, blocks and pictures. We don't have to copy everything-but inspiration is a point that blooms new teaching ideas.

Learn how music is beneficial for language stimulation and how you can help boost your child's communication skills using music at home.

Building Language with Music

This would be a great activity for Kindergartners to do while learning about plants. They could water their plants each day and see them grow. Plus, it looks like they are growing hair on top of their heads, too cute!

"Happy Hair: Grass Seed Kindergarten Science" from Kindergarten Rocks via RainbowsWithinReach