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small appetizers with tomatoes and mozzarella on skewers are ready to be eaten
Cocktails & Canapes Party (Part 1/2)
Canape huge hit at Maceys high school grad party
a long wooden table topped with lots of different types of cheeses and meats
Wedding food sharing charcuterie platter ideas
the process of making donuts is shown in three different stages, including being dipped with icing
DIY Mini Caramel Apples - like cake pops–they’re adorable and the smaller portions mean you won’t feel so stuffed (or just that you can eat more). Plus, they’re less messy, since you can just pop the whole thing in your mouth!
several different types of food on display at an outdoor event, including salads and appetizers
wedding food
meatballs with sauce and toothpicks on a white plate
Meatball to go... #wedding #food #idea
a three tiered cake covered in grapes and cheese
Tower of cheese! Fabulous for both weddings and parties. I find this tends to keep the men happy who don't always want cake ;)
a white plate topped with a pastry next to some fruit and vegtables
Individual Christmas pies
This recipe for a stunning vegetarian Christmas alternative, can easily be reduced or increased to make as many as you need
a three tiered cake decorated with flowers and berries
Creative Wedding Cakes and Alternatives
Stacked cheese to look like a wedding cake and other creative cake alternatives.
the wedding cake is surrounded by flowers and grapes
10 Tips for a Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake | Bridal Musings
How To Make a Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake | Top Tips from Courtyard Dairy | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog8