Smoky veggie chilli

Smoky veggie chilli

“Using cocoa powder helps to add a lovely depth of flavour here, and nutritionally – it’s high in the mineral copper, which we need to keep our skin and hair strong and healthy.

Lentil ragu

Lentil ragù recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food I made this once, next time I wouls cut the amount of time in half.otherwise a tasty veggie sauce for pasta.

Yaki udon

YAKI UDON,These thick wheat noodles with mushrooms and cabbage are made for slurping - a lovely low-fat, low-calorie vegetarian supper

California quinoa & avocado salad

California quinoa & avocado salad The tahini and avocado combo in this dressing is totally addictive. If you have ripe avocados to use up, this is a winning recipe

Pasta with creamy greens & lemon

Slow-roasted tomato & Gruyère tart

Slow-roasted tomato & Gruyère tart (could maybe add some other veg to this to give it more substance.

Veggie kofta pittas with pick & mix sides

Pack pitta breads with spiced chickpea patties and serve with a carrot and tomato salad for a low-fat, low-calorie vegetarian weeknight dinner