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This pin depicts the children's story 'the three little pigs' this story board will help children with their story-telling skills, help them to communicate effectively and to broaden their use of creativity in everyday life.

Toddler Approved!: Blow Painting {Paul Galdone Virtual Book Club for Kids Blog Hop}

Blow Painting {Paul Galdone Virtual Book Club for Kids Blog Hop}

How to extend an EYFS activity to create further learning opportunities.Read more about how to extend the story The Three Little Pigs

How to extend The Three little Pigs booky to create further learning opportunities. Sensory table, loose parts, provocation play.

Five for Friday 11.12.15

Five for Friday 11.12.15

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Cute little pigs <3

Adorable Piggy Bread recipe. You have to see this!

Bacon Ranch Piggy bites - recipe calls from frozen bread dough, not sure if we have this in Australia, but I know my US friends will love this. So cute and I have no doubt they are yummy!

How to make Three Little Pigs DIY Costumes for Halloween or a school play. Tutorials include DIY ears, curly tails, and accessory bundles.

Three Little Pigs DIY Costumes

My daughter was in her first school play this year and she was casted as Pig in Shrek Junior, the musical. I volunteered to make these cute little Three Little Pigs DIY Costumes for our trio. You (Diy School Costume)

Build with Rocks and Play Dough (great for 3 Little Pigs Story)

Building Play Dough and Rock Houses

Three Little Pigs - build rock and play dough house and experiment to see if the Bad Wolf (fan or hairdryer) can blow the house down.

three little pigs maths - heavy and light and the need to heft or weigh objects

Multi-Grade Matters: Ideas for a Split Class: Measurement Misconceptions and Chapter 8 from "Math Stations"

Three Little Pigs Song

Our masks and stick puppets are ideal visual aids when re-enacting the story. We also have a three little pigs interactive game which you may find useful.

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Building a Straw House (STEM activity)

activity - Building a straw house Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Building a Straw House (STEM…