Tips and tricks for a backyard sandbox! Have the best sandbox on the block! Add ramps, a sand-kitchen, natural elements, a sand-wall and handy storage features to the sandbox in your backyard! - Happy Hooligans

Sandbox Ideas - easy sandbox play and storage solutions

SImple Sandbox Ideas: Easy, inexpensive toys, play ideas and storage ideas for your backyard sandbox. PS: Not sure about the term "Hooligans" Doesn't it have negative connotations? What do you all think?

Incy Wincy spider- exploring pipes and spiders in the sand.

zandtafel - Incy Wincy spider- exploring pipes and spiders in the sand

Homemade trowels for the sandbox. A handy parent could make a few of these for the class.

Homemade trowels for sandboxes, dirt, etc. Could attach shapes to bottom for large stampers.

Improving a Sand Pit | Day 24 30 Days to Transform Your Play

Improving a Sand Pit

Improving a Sand Pit: Adding materials which encourage open-ended exploration (from An Everyday Story)

Sand provision. Top shelf; shells, pine cones, matchsticks, tea spoons, scales and gems. Middle shelf; utensils, measuring spoons, colander, bowls, tins. Bottom shelf; wooden bowls, feathers, coconut shells, sticks, coloured spools.

Early Years ideas from Tishylishy. Sharing photos, provision enhancements and outcomes from my EYFS class and the.

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