Karina Morawska

Karina Morawska

Karina Morawska
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When you feel sad, dance to the music that lights up your soul, that energizes your cells, that lifts your spirit and awakens the energy inside you.

Idris Khan. Rachmaninoff…Preludes (2007)

likeafieldmouse: “ Idris Khan Mozart…Requiem Rachmaninoff…Preludes Wager…Parsifal Every page of each score superimposed resulting in chaotic single images ”

Glamorous Updo    This super pretty updo is built on two ponytails, one right on top of the other. This clever technique adds depth without increasing difficulty.

Take two invisible elastic bands and separate the hair into two ponytails, one above the other. Take sections of each ponytail at the ends and roll them toward the head, pinning them. Roll the top ponytail first, leaving pieces closest to the middle last.