Karisma Chaudhari

Karisma Chaudhari

Karisma Chaudhari
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Find a Secret Spot, fantastic dens build with blankets, sheets, hoola hoops and furniture

A perfect rainy day fort! A sheet, the kitchen table, and some custom signs make for a blanket fort hideout perfect for a kindergartner or preschooler.

I used to love making dens as a kid...werent quite as special looking as this one though

Ideas for creating an indoor tent/fort/canopy reading space. Don't forget the mood lighting and pillows! fort for lounge if we have a lot of kids put tents in the arena

Admit it --- you secretly want an indoor swing too.

Encourage quiet time and reading with a cozy reading nook or "chill out" zone in the playroom. An armchair, beanbags or even cushions are all great options for a seating area that fits your child's personality Poufs!

Whats your Unicorn name? Mine is Strider the brave

Chaser The Swift.I'm the Moon Moon of Unicorns! "Who invited Chaser The Swift? Was it you Electra The Bold?