- sunprints / cyanotypes

Sunprint ceramics are cyanotypes captured directly on the surface of low fired porcelain pots

Cyanotype by Poramit Thantapalit

Really interested in this type of design, especially placed over a photo? // Cyanotype by Poramit Thantapalit

Jellyfish print from original cyanotype by FallRiverEditions, $15.00

Special order for aubertjuliette: Jellyfish from original cyanotype blue nautical maritime wall art

Annie Hogan // Bloodlines // cyanotype // 10 x 8"

Love the use of really irregular emulsion application Annie Hogan // Bloodlines // cyanotype // 10 x

Man Ray made his “rayographs” without a camera by placing objects-such as the thumbtacks, coil of wire, and other circular forms used here-directly on a sheet of photosensitized paper and exposing it to light.

Man Ray, "Rayograph" - introduces an alternative method in which I could play around with the concept of light and shadow