Teresa Margolles has created a memorial for the anonymous.  While it seems like an impossible feat (how can we remember someone we never knew?), it is a concept that has been materializes with such intensity that it is felt instantly once the details become clear.  Read more...

Remembering the Anonymous with Teresa Margolles’ Plancha - DHC/ART

Plancha by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles

Mexican artist wins £40,000 prize

A Mexican artist wins after being named the winner of this year's Artes Mundi 5 prize for contemporary art.

Teresa Margolles, Plancha, 2010, Museion 2011, courtesy: the artist. Foto: Othmar Seehauser

Teresa Margolles, Plancha, Museion courtesy: the artist.

Teresa Margolles Artes Mundi Mundi 2012

Teresa Margolles Artes Mundi Mundi 2012

Teresa Margolles and the Aesthetics of Death

This book is the first and most extensive academic monograph to be published on the work of the Mexican neo-conceptual artist Teresa Margolles. A range of art works produced by Margolles throughout the length of her career, which began in the (as pa.