well organized building materials, a great combination of natural wood blocks and loose parts with just the right amount of variety and quantity so as not to overwhelm and still encourage sharing and collaboration without limiting creativity and innovation.

Day 3 Wingate Children’s Centre community nursery school, CO. Durham, England Today we sat at breakfast and watched the news - roads closed, houses evacuated and rivers flooding .

Nature play space, I love it!

nature play space -- love the large rocks as building materials

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I want this block area! Norwood Many different blocks, stones, stumps, rocks etc used together to create a fun play area in the classroom - be careful if the tower falls down!

Stick alphabet - this would be perfect outdoors!

What is Forest School? The Forest School Association describes the practice as: “an inspirational process, that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self…

Natural building blocks

just figured out what to do with all the small random left over bits of wood i've been holding onto. the kids will also enjoy painting them.

I like how they've used the 'Community Playthings' blocks to create an area (",)

One way to see large blocks used to build something - that allows for continued play

What Happens When You Provide Children with Accessories: Block play is one of the most powerful tools for constructing knowledge. It offers children the opportunity to physically and mentally engage while providing excellent large and small motor movement. Blocks address all domains of child development; math, literacy, problem solving, social interaction. Through practice children learn weight and balance concepts, explore stability, and learn about geometry.

What Happens When You Provide Children with Accessories: Block play is one of…

Bringing the blocks outside creates a new element as they can have many other uses and collaboration between children would be a great team building activity and give them the opportunity to create something perhaps - large

Outdoor Area - Makeover...update!

Bridge - making building purposeful outside

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