20 Amazing DIY Nail Ideas

20 Amazing DIY Nail Ideas

:* L - Simply stunning nail art with rose polish and one nail with floral design with black background. DIOR ROSE from Pshiiit (in French)

Pattern Play Nail Kit

The "PATTERN PLAY NAIL KIT". It suddendly looks easy to get some geometric nail art design done. This kit provides everything you need to get the look in my pin. Love everything tribal.

Mint nails

best color ever . I have become recently obsessed with the color Mint Green. I need bedroom walls this color.

nail art and trends

galaxy nails (AH my friend just showed me this picture a couple weeks back and I totally missed the pocket watch the first time!

henna hands

Ok yes, definitely into teh black henna on the hands and white nail polish! Maybe for a wedding since the design on the left hand is centered around the ring finger while the middle on the right