Logo design process.

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—Bernardo Neves, Let your mind go free

Photography & collage / Let your mind go free by ~blade-bd on deviantART — Designspiration

Type Specimens — Talbot Type

Design director Adrian Talbot launches his own lettering site, Talbot Type

—Ink Films

Ink Films is a film production company based in Leeds & London. The identity was designed to root the brand firmly within the film & television indust. - a grouped images picture

—Penny Royal Films

Penny Royal Films business card with copper foil print finish and edge detail designed by Alphabetical.

Buco Nero — Nikolaj Kledzik

Nikolaj Kledzik – Art Direction & Graphic Design – Buco Nero – Visual Identity on Designspiration


Beautiful branding work for Prameya Interior Design Studio by Sciencewerk . Love the textured stocks and the use of velvet print to get th.

Cheese Culture business card and branding by Parallax.

Parallax Design – Identity for wholesaler Cheese Culture was inspired by the trademarks artisan cheesemakers press into their products